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The most important RPI created as a result of project activities is the I-develop mobile application, addressed to volunteers and organizations involved in the implementation of EVS projects, which will improve the work of entities in the implementation of EVS, and thus contribute to increasing the quality of these projects.

The application will be installed on the smartphone of the volunteer (android). Access to it, however, can be obtained from the level of the web browser, in case the volunteer does not have a smartphone. At the same time, a website that allows

access to the application will be dedicated to the institutions involved in project implementation - mentors, coordinators and other stakeholders (if they have permissions) will be able to keep track of data, generated by the volunteer during his stay on the Project, in which participates. Thanks to this, in addition to immediate feedback about their activities, organizations will be able to take quick remedial actions in the field of working with a volunteer. Additionally, the fact of accessibility for each stakeholder and the need for minimal activity is to underline, behind the EVS Charter, the fact that the roles of coordinating, hosting and hosting organizations in the volunteer's learning process are important and each of these entities should contribute.

In addition, thanks to the possibility of sending photos by a volunteer with a short description of them, his stay and achievements will be better and more accurately documented.

The information collected by the applications is primarily intended to monitor the learning process of the EVS volunteer and the competences he acquires (for the organization). At the same time, for the volunteer, the application will be a tool facilitating reflection on own learning process, and most importantly - it will allow him to realistically assess the level / quality of key competences acquired. Thanks to this - both the organization and the volunteer will be informed which competences are still areas of development, and which the volunteer mastered enough to be able to use them later or transfer them freely.

Application will also allow to analyze the achievements of the volunteer, transparency of the process of reaching competences, fast transfer of photos, documenting his EVS stay and will be a significant facilitation when it comes to fulfilling the Youthpass. Moreover, thanks to the fact that all stakeholders have an access to the account of one EVS project (sending, hosting and coordinating and volunteer / availability with different rights), it is also possible to monitor the process of volunteer preparation for work in the area of volunteering- the level of language proficiency will be visible, interests (portfolio), but also preparatory training, pre-departure, etc.

Each EVS project will require from the organization to set up a separate account on the application (available from the browser level), there will be granted permissions and created account for the volunteer. During the first login, the volunteer will fill in information about himself - basic data and goals, interests, long-term and short-term goals; etc. In turn, the sending organization complements his profile with preparatory activities and the evaluation of its language competences, and other necessary information. The receiving organization completes the volunteer's profile with his schedule of activities that will be implemented during EVS stay. All organizations see a completed volunteer profile, therefore it will be known, for instance, whether the preparatory training took place, the arrival training was organized or the volunteer is taking language lessons during the stay.

Thanks to the information completed during the stay of the volunteer, he and the organizations will be able to follow and understand the learning process in detail and, more importantly, assess the acquired competences.

Volunteers will be encouraged to complete the application during their stay every evening, and at least once a week during the weekly reflection groups. The mobile application is a great innovation in the quality management of the acquired EVS competences - the attractiveness of the form will positively affect the motivation to use it. At the same time - the frequency of using application will affect the ease of filling the Youthpass. In addition, direct access to information related to learning outcomes that will be gained by stakeholders involved in the implementation of EVS projects will significantly influence the quality of projects. The consortium wants to promote and implement this solution among other accredited EVS organizations, seeing in it the opportunity to develop and maintain quality / standards in the implementation of EVS projects.

The leading organization of this IO is the Foundation for Creative Activity Center. The proponent also takes responsibility for contracting an external company that will perform the application and a corresponding website. To ensure a high level of adequacy of this RPI to the actual needs of future users and a high level of understanding of the tool, it will be tested and reviewed by the interested parties - hosting, sending and coordinating organizations, and above all, youth EVS-volunteer.

The process of reviewing and testing will take place at the national level of the RPI implementation.

1. Internal meetings organized by the proponent.

2. During a short training program organized in the proponent's country, stakeholders from all over the country will be invited to the testing (mainly interested in taking part in canceled ZOWE - this meeting will also aim to create a space for exchange of experiences and good practices between stakeholders of European Voluntary Service in Poland)

3. Feedback on the tool will also be collected during dissemination events in partner countries, which will allow for possible corrections


The project partners will also test and evaluate the tool within their organizations. They will also be responsible for preparing reports for the kick off meeting, which will contain information on the most common problems with the implementation of EVS on the side of the organization and volunteers, as well as expectations and needs.

The Applicant will make every effort to ensure that the tool is easily accessible, understandable and, above all, adequate.

The application will be dedicated to the Android operating system, in English.