Asociacion Cazalla Intercultural


is a local NGO located in Lorca, Murcia, in the South East of Spain, founded in 2007.

The mission of our team of professionals is “To promote active citizenship, social inclusion, youth mobility, voluntary service, sustainable development, stand up for human rights, integration, non-discrimination and against gender-based violence, through non-formal education, youth information and international cooperation.

Our work is structured in 4 main fields.

  • Voluntary service – we work as EVS sending/hosting/coordinating organization since 2003. During the years it has hosted about 35 volunteers, sends annually nearly 60 volunteers all over the world. Cazalla is involved in the local voluntary activities. Beside this we are working on tools for recognition learning of volunteers during the EVS projects – we are involved in the development of the badge system for 8 key competences as well, as we became the part of the team who developed Portfolio of Competences for EVS.

  • Capacity building - on the local level through the cooperation with the local authorities - advising and information center, local projects and trainings; and on international level by development of the quality systems mainly in the field of youth work and volunteering.

  • International cooperation in the field of youth – Exchange of experiences, networking and implementing the training courses in the fields of expertise of Cazalla – volunteering, human rights, gender based violence, participation, as well as  promotion of the youth exchange and offering the youngsters from our local community the first international and intercultural experience

  • Local youth work - composed of the youth information center, and the local project with the aim to foster the participation of the young people, integration of migrants into the local society and fight against racism and discrimination. We encourage the creativity of young people and assure the quality of their work.